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All I can say is "Headliner!" Don't hate on this lady who possesses anointed humor. Comedian, Tracie Davis has the gift of gag! I am constructively critical where it pertains to entertainers, but I have to testify (or should I say testilaugh) of this young lady's skills on the mic! If you know anyone who is sad, depressed, or is just downright angry, find a way to them to one of Tracie's stand ups. She's a winner!
Producer Derek "DC" Clark
CEO of Hitland Entertainment

Tracie Davis, simply put she is off the hook! Tracie, it's just good to see Women of God realize and walk out their God given purpose. Keep em' laughin.
Yvette C. Williams
Kurt Carr Singer

We had a lot of mom and grandmothers and Great grandmothers and you had something in your show to make everyone laugh!  I cannot tell you how many people stopped me to tell me how much fun they had!!"
Victoria Durant
Christ Lutheran Church
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) - Tacoma, WA

Uninhibited! Liberated! Sensitive with a radar aim! Unpredictable!  No, this is not an ad for Geico Insurance, it's what you'll witness when Tracie is on stage.  And believe me, you'll go home trying to retell everything you saw.  See for yourself - soon.
Judy Neal - Radio Announcer KLAY & KZIZ
GMWA/National Gospel Announcers Guild Officer
Vision Time Productions

Tracie Davis has a funny bone that sees the humor that surrounds us.  Traci Davis has the audience holding their sides and laughing uncontrollably.  This gift of humor brings about healing of the spirit and allows Tracie to move and touch the hearts of all cultures and people of all beliefs.
Glenda L. Witherspoon
Successful Solutions Business Consultant

Watch out “Queens of Comedy”! Tracie Davis is spreading “the” message of joy intertwined with hilarious, holistic comedy. Tracie is one of a kind, she truly engages her audience, young and old with spontaneous “traceisms” and mimicking humor. Tracie’s heart for the community pulsates basketball tournaments to organizing workshops with National Gospel Recording Artist. She is equally integral, inspirational and humble. Did I mention? She will work for fried chicken.
Joe & Pam Bowman
JAM(Joe & Pam) Productions